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Dubai Marina destination

Dubai Marina

Luxury Waterfront Hub

  • Man-made canal district with skyscrapers and luxury yachts
  • Features upscale restaurants, cafes, and boutiques
  • Offers leisure activities like yacht cruises and water sports
  • Provides picturesque views of Dubai's skyline.
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Palm Jumeirah destination

Palm Jumeirah

conic Island Oasis

  • conic palm-shaped artificial island with luxurious villas and hotels
  • Home to Atlantis, The Palm resort with waterpark and aquarium
  • Ideal for leisurely yacht rides and water activities
  • Offers stunning views of Dubai's skyline and the Arabian Gulf
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The World Islands destination

The World Islands

Exclusive Archipelago

  • Collection of artificial islands resembling a world map
  • Exclusive opportunities for yacht excursions.
  • Provides privacy, luxury, and themed island exploration.
  • Offers unique photo opportunities and a sense of escapism.
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Burj Al Arab destination

Burj Al Arab

Luxury Sail Icon

  • Symbol of luxury and opulence, iconic sail-shaped hotel
  • Stunning architectural design visible from the water
  • acht rides provide exclusive views of the Burj Al Arab
  • Offers fine dining, spa treatments, and private yacht charters.
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Dubai Creek destination

Dubai Creek

Historic Waterway

  • Historic area with traditional dhows and bustling souks.
  • Features landmarks like Al Fahidi Fort.
  • Offers a glimpse into Dubai's heritage and modernity.
  • Ideal for cultural experiences and guided tours.
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Dubai Canal destination

Dubai Canal

Modern Canal Link

  • Newest waterway connecting Dubai Creek with the Arabian Gulf
  • Offers panoramic views of the evolving skyline.
  • Features waterfront dining and leisure options.
  • Ideal for leisurely cruises and sightseeing
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Bluewaters Island destination

Bluewaters Island

Vibrant Island Retreat

  • Vibrant island destination with Ain Dubai observation wheel
  • Offers upscale residences, dining, and entertainment.
  • Provides opportunities for leisurely yacht cruises.
  • Ideal for enjoying waterfront views and upscale amenities
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Jumeirah Beach destination

Jumeirah Beach

Golden Shoreline

  • Pristine beach with golden sands and clear waters.
  • Offers relaxation and water activities.
  • Ideal for anchoring and enjoying the sun
  • Provides views of Dubai's skyline and coast.
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Dubai Water Canal Waterfall Bridge destination

Dubai Water Canal Waterfall Bridge

Spectacular Waterfall Bridge

  • Unique architectural feature with a waterfall bridge.
  • Offers mesmerizing views from the water.
  • Ideal for photo opportunities and sightseeing.
  • Adds an element of excitement to yacht cruises.
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